Friday, March 16, 2012

Still here and kicking

Hello!  Here I am posting to keep up appearances and act like I'm not the puking queen to let you know we're still here and kicking. :)  I started the post a while back and didn't get around to finishing/posting it... you may not be able to handle the excitement of this post!

A few recent discoveries:
diapers hanging out to dry on that one warm day we had!
1. Cloth diapers.  Yikes, I have finally made the plunge to plunge diapers in the toilet?  No wait, it is better!  I got the toilet sprayer, so no plunging necessary!  I'll let you know how it goes!  What have I got myself into?:-)  I read these articles and decided the huge cost savings and benefits were too great not to go for it.
Update: it is going so well and I only wish I had started years ago!  I could have saved so much $$.  I'll do a post about them sometime because it is that exciting. 

2. Facebook.  I am probably one of the last people in the world, right after my sister that is, to join FB.  I can't be responsible for my actions, and blame her 100% for joining.  Ha!!  I have been a long-time opponent to FB, so it is quite hypocritical of me.  I was afraid that: a). it would be a time-waster and b). something bad would happen.  I don't know, you hear all the horror stories.  It has actually been the opposite.  I don't feel the need to log on very often, and I've been able to get a little more current on my cousins who are out of state, etc.   

3. Dry Shampoo.  Why did you not tell me about this?  Talk about transforming my life {feeling a little dramatic}.  My hair has been pretty wonky since having kids, etc.  It is on the curly, fine, oily side.  I have to wash it every day or did have to!  I think I tried dry shampoo a long time ago, but it was a powder and I had the hardest time getting it to go where I wanted it to, and it must not have soaked in cuz it looked white in my dark brown hair!  I tried some in a aerosol can and whoa baby!  I can go 2 days or probably more if I wanted without washing my hair and it actually gives my hair a lot of body/volume!  I had to share in case you are in the same boat.  You just spray it where your hair is oily, let it dry, and brush it through.  Nice.

Is it almost spring or winter?  We actually turned on Christmas music this week while the snow was coming down!

Olivia and I had fun making kim bop {california rolls}a few weeks back and eating most of them!
I also tried making Pad Thai for the first time, but it doesn't really count as it was a "kit" {noodles and sauce}.  I would make it again, though...picked it up in the Asian food section at Winco.
Girls playing dress up
 And babies...
{we really need a helmet for Jules... look at that bruised forehead!}
 Mr. Man was attacked by a dog.  We're so thankful it wasn't worse.  The brave little guy walked away with a very bruised cheek, fat lip, and scrapes on his face.  I think he's proud of his wounds.
 He frequently shoots at "rustlers" and just the other day put his hands in his pockets, kicked the tires of my Dad's tractor with his boot and said out of the side of his mouth, "these are some good tires you have here".  He is so fun!
 Yay for organizing!  I tackled the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom cupboards and guest closet {my sister was my inspiration as she does this kind of thing frequently- she's crazy cool like that}.  The last couple weeks with the sickies, I've just been tackling laundry, home school, and dinner... to everything there is a season!  


  1. So glad you've joined facebook. ;) I've got to try the dry shampoo too! Where did you get yours?

  2. all your foodie looks delish! and cloth diapers? way to go gal!