Thursday, September 6, 2012

Boy's Edition

Now, for the boy's room!  The walls got a coat of fresh paint and it made a huge difference in brightening up the room.
As is my custom, I grabbed a few things from around the house, like Daddy's cowboy lamp from the basement, to carry out the bedroom's cowboy theme.
I spotted this bolt of cowboy fabric at Joannes early this year, it matched a blanket Tough Guy already had, and both boys now have matching blankets and pillows out of the fabric {thank you, Auntie Liza!!}. 
Their "cowboy baskets" for blankets and toys.
Moose head we already had, pinwheels I made for some color for baby, and a sentimental stick from their Great Grammy's collection:
My friend had the brilliant idea to frame this tea towel that I had.  It made for some quick/cheap/sentimental art!
And, of course, the pallet bookshelves to finish the room! 

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