Saturday, September 22, 2012

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Hullo strangers!  I am a bad blogger these days; if and when I post, it is pretty after the fact and mostly comprised of pictures borrowed from instagram.  It still baffles me how I even started blogging in the first place and have been so chatty on here when I'm a fairly quiet person, except for those times when I'm not. 
Well, in keeping with my theme of late, some instagram and other pictures, with a few words strung together...    
It is that time of year, when David goes elk hunting, and we do our best while he is away to distract ourselves and keep busy.  I bought Cinnabons last Saturday night, and saved new pajamas to give them before a movie night.
What else?  I started thinking about the little man's birthday for next month, got the kid's their first professional haircuts {Jules, and Peyton}, and canned an obscene amount of applesauce and salsa with my Mom and sister.  2 days, 7 kids {if you count the one out front}, 64 quarts of applesauce and 50+ quarts of salsa= a beautiful mess!  I love you, Mom and Leah!!! 
Here I am in all my prego glory right now.  I think I've done way better with pregnant belly shots this time.  An iPhone can be thanked for that, it makes it pretty easy.  Baby girl really wants to "take him out" and "hold him", so I keep reminding her that he has to get bigger.  She says it with her hands together and lifted up towards my tummy and it is super cute.  He kicks her when we're snuggling and he's pretty hard to miss now, so she is excited.  Big brother looked up at me yesterday morning and in a very offended tone said, "hey, baby brother looks smaller!", apparently that is not the direction we want to be moving in.  If what Mama says is true, he has to get bigger!
We also took our traditional trip-to-the-beach-while-daddy-is-gone-hunting last Sunday with my parents and Richard and Leah.  We ate at our favorite restaurant, and enjoyed  t h e e  most gorgeous weather!  We took some pictures and they ran around half naked, playing on the beach, which we pretty much had to ourselves.  Glorious.

These pictures are from before the hunting trip, so they are even older, but I'll share them anyway!
My nephew, Hugh's 1st Birthday!
His quote, "we need to be exploding with love for people."
The surprise she left for me, her teacher {pear, apple, and favorite magazine}.

He has missed working with his Daddy, but thankfully I've been able to keep him busy and distracted, until yesterday and today, he HAD to swath, and wasn't too happy about only doing it for a few hours.
I was doing pretty well with keeping busy and distracted until yesterday, too.  Too bad I can't throw myself down and throw a fit. :-) 
Miss him!
Pretty views of the farm!
I read the best devotion in, The Jesus Calling this week.  It was for September 20th.  The gist of it was to not fret over petty cares and frustrations or things that don't go your way, shrug them off and focus on Him, and reserve your energy for when more serious problems come along.  Why?  Remember how Paul described his troubles as "light and momentary, compared with the eternal glory being achieved by them."?  He endured great suffering, yet was able to describe his troubles as "light and momentary".  May I get that through my thick head and view obstacles I face as light and momentary and keep my eyes on Him!

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