Friday, September 24, 2010

Afternoon at the Beach

We have a tradition when Daddy goes bow hunting that we go to the beach.
He is gone for nine days without cell phone reception, so to say that we've missed him would be an understatement.  We can hardly wait to hug and kiss his neck!
It got really gusty when we made it to the beach, so we briefly enjoyed the view of the ocean.

"Let's get out of here, Mama!"
We found refuge in a Candy Shop
and on the Carousel

We also kept up our tradition from last year and ate at the Gearhart Junction Cafe.
This is a restaurant owned by my mom's cousin. 
They've been in the restaurant business for years and know what they are doing... delish!
Peyton feeling like big stuff on a bar stool (my mom's cousin/owner in the background).
"Hand-dipped milkshake please!"
This picture in the women's bathroom is hilarious (his wife's sister, I believe).
A copy of the original menu from their Hillsboro restaurant (owned by his father). 
My mom worked there as a waitress in her teens.
A picture of my grandmother, Nanny above one of the tables.
Check it out if you are in Seaside soon! 
Thanks for the fun-filled afternoon, Grampy and Nana!


  1. Loved seeing the photos of cousin Pat's restaurant! We need to go. I sent him that photo of my mom (Nanny) and am so glad to see it placed so prominently!

    Looks like you all had fun!

  2. What a cool coffee shop! So special that you can go back there with your kiddos! Love that pic of your grandmother!!

    Great pics!! Have fun!

  3. I adore the picture of Peytay on the carousel!! Priceless!