Saturday, September 25, 2010


The most fragrant, pretty posies on my back patio! 
Gardenia and Jasmine are two of my favs!
Nesting?  Who me? 
OK, guilty as charged. 
I'm sorry to say this indiscriminate post will only further condemn me.

Cherry Tomatoes from our garden.
I love to freeze these babies!  They are such a nice size for popping into salads and freezer bags.
I add them to soups or in lieu of stewed tomatoes. 
Run hot water over them when you take them out of the freezer if you want to take the skins off.

Drying herbs
I almost forgot to do this, so I'm glad I snagged some from our little herb garden.
I have an extensive list of things to do before baby arrives, and one such item was cleaning out my kitchen cupboards. 
I cleaned and organized a few at a time, so it was less daunting. 
I also came up with more workable systems by taking my time.  Our new kitchen is made up of mostly drawers, so I've had to be creative.
My spice drawer outfitted with nonslip liner.
I am so excited about this drawer: the kid's drawer. 
It has been messy since we moved in last fall no matter how I had it organized.
The cups always went flying every time we opened the drawer.

It is a disorderly drawer no longer thanks to the dream drawer dividers I borrowed from David and my underwear drawers! 
The ninos and I get into this drawer umpteen times a day, so it is a relief to finally have a system that works.

I'm tempted to show you more organizational things, but I will restrain myself.

We enjoyed a sunny afternoon this week making eucalyptus wreaths and digging.  There is a large eucalyptus tree on the property and I love making wreaths for fall! 

Paytay and his tractors and trucks
O making carrot stew with fresh herbs and fish (yes, Tawny Scrawny Lion) :)
More outside fun with the cousins!
These pictures may be a repeat as my sister shared them, but they were too cute not to include in our "diary" as well.

I'll finish this post up with another quick post on pillows soon!  I need to go finish one more. 
Hey, I warned you!

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  1. Oh please and talk about as many organizing/nesting projects as your dear heart desires. I totally get it and love that sort of thing. Not so much into it this first part of pregnancy like normal, but excited to feel like myself again and organize it up with added nesting surges!!