Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sewing Continued...

I finished up my Flower Project and finished it quickly thanks to the encouragement of this little helper. 

She kept asking me if I had the next color done, so we could coordinate with her outfits. :)
I don't know how cute the flowers are, but she sure is!
Do you think I went a little overboard making them?  Goodness! :)
The possibilities are really endless with them. 
I wanted to make a bunch so I could use them for gifts, and for my girls, of course.
I've put quite a few on headbands already.  Here is my niece, Evie with one.
And Miss Olivia

I also made these for gifts.
Car Seat Blankets
My sister got one as a shower present for Evie and has loved it.
They are a nice, small size for snuggling in the car seat.

Some other projects this week...
It was time for new monogrammed shirts for the little nuts.
Pennant Streamers for Julia. 
I was inspired after my sis made a cute yellow one for Liza's shower.
I'm apologize for the poor picture quality.
Her bed still needs a little primping, but we're getting there.
A little Ruffle Pillow I made for Julia's crib.
I know the projects are easy peasy, but the accomplishment for me is I'm finally learning to use a sewing machine.  What have I been scared of all these years? :) 
Look at her... she isn't too frightening. 
MUCH thanks to my MIL for all her research and work in finding her for my birthday. 
Happy First Day of Fall!


  1. WOW Rachel! You have been busy! Love all your projects!
    Did you make the ruffle pillow for Julia's crib too?

  2. Gorgeous!! If I have a little girl I will be so excited to put cute things in her hair!!

  3. Every single thing is adorable! I am so glad you got a sewing machine!

  4. You are so so talented Rach! I love all of your projects and am so happy to finally get a peek at your sewing room! So cute! I want to see more!


  5. Wow, Rach. You've been a busy mama. I love them all. Did you make the owl pillow too? I just love those owls. I made an owl pillow last fall but C is not a big owl fan. LOL. Her bedroom is so adorable! What a gift your machine is and especially the fact that you are using it and it isn't just sitting there!

  6. Thanks ladies!! Tiff, the owl pillow was a prsent from Auntie Leah from Target last year (they still have them). What a fun idea to make one!