Tuesday, September 7, 2010

School Days

Back To School Display on my Mom's front porch

It is hard to believe a new school year is already upon us.  I thought it would be fun to challenge us a bit and do a little more structured schooling with Olivia now that she is preschool age. 
My Aunt Holly got us an awesome kindergarden workbook that we are starting this week. 
Thank you, Aunt Holly!

My mom sang this song to us on the first day of school every year (a song her mother sang)!  It gives me butterflies to this day when I hear it- a reminder of those first day of school nerves) :).  I am keeping the tradition with my little nuts!

School days, school days
Good old golden rule days
Readin' and 'ritin' and 'rithmetic
Taught to the tune of the hickory stick
You were my queen in calico
I was your bashful barefoot beau
And you wrote on my slate
"I love you, Joe"
When we were a couple of kids
Bum, Bum

I have my grandmother's slate (Nanny) from when she was a little girl.  What a treasure! 

Another back to school tradition... taking our picture holding onto the front door knob. 

Happy Back To School!


  1. Love the tradition of taking a photo by the door! We do that every year too. : )

  2. That song came from Grandma DuPree (Nanny's mom), who sang it to her each year on the first day of school. She would be so proud to know that 5 generations of her family are still sharing it! I sing it to my girls, and Nanny even calls me each year and sings it on my first day (I'm a teacher : )
    Nanny took our photos in front of the door, and we do as well (your Uncle Patrick even does w/his girls at their home in Japan)!
    Love you!