Sunday, September 26, 2010

And now... Pillows

I don't know what it is about fall, but I seem to remember making pillows last fall too, so I guess I can't blame this entirely on nesting!
My sister said that the girls' pink blankies looked way cuter in person.  Great! 
If these projects look corny in the pictures just imagine how much cuter they are in real life... ha, ha!
A couple of them are sewed, but not stuffed in the picture.
I just hemmed all my curtains a little while back, and for some reason I decided to keep the strips of leftover fabric.  I was able to use them for the white and blue ruffle pillows and saved myself a lot of time and effort!

 This one for Olivia's bed, however, took way too long.  I will not attempt to make such a big one again anytime soon!  Talk about a lot of ruffles! 
And last...
Another LOVE pillow
(I cut out two sets of letters so it was time to spread the love and finally put the letters to use)

I think it would be so pretty to make a pillow wilth a bunch of the flowers too.  Hmmm...
 Thank you for so graciously humoring me with these sewing attempts of late! 

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  1. These turned out so stikin cute Rach! Just think how much money you saved and all the color and texture you added to your darling home!
    Way to go sweetheart!

    I ADORE those pics with Peyton! What a handsome boy!