Friday, September 3, 2010


We've been trying to get out to pick peaches, but were much delayed due to lots and lots of sickness!  We were finally able to make it out there this week, and just in time, because it was their last week!

Cutie pie "pushing" the wagon
Check out the amazing produce carriers that Randy C. (you may know him from LHF as "The Candyman") made for the little nuts. He made three of them (one for Julia) and put their names on all of them! They are such a treasure and so very handy!
I can't believe this little guy will be two next month!  He is becoming quite relational and communicative.
One morning this week we had a conversation that went like this...
While in Daddy & Mama's room...
Peyton- "Mama, you put rain drops in my nose (referring to the saline drops I put in his nose)."
looking out the bedroom window... "Look at the blue ky (sky).
Pretty corn."
In Peyton's room...
Mama- "Let's go get some milk."
Peyton- "Mama, can we put the hanger away first?"
(I was still holding his hanger after getting him dressed).
I have been working with him on pushing in his chair, taking his dishes over, carrying dirty clothes, closing cupboards. I think we'll have another tidy child on our hands... he, he!

Back to peaches.  Have you tried peach pancakes?  They are delicious!  I couldn't find the recipe I have used before, but you really don't need one.
Slice peaches and drizzle with maple syrup.  Toss with cinnamon.  Let them sit in a bowl and marinate overnight.  The next morning, pour your pancake batter onto the griddle and add the peaches.  Warm peaches are the best!

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