Monday, September 13, 2010

The Farmer Takes a Wife

The Bride-to-be
I wanted to share a few pictures that my sister-in-law, Elisa took from the shower on Saturday. 
My "twin" brother, Daniel is getting married next month and we had a shower for the happy couple with "the farmer takes a wife" theme.  It was a wonderful turnout and such a fun time. 
Peyton is still telling me how there were, "a lota, lota people at Liza's shower" and Olivia chimes in, "I couldn't even walk through all the people, Mama!". 
The couple is blessed indeed.

Beautiful bride and beautiful cake

We played a fun game where everyone wrote one word about marriage on a chalkboard and then had their picture snapped. 

Grandma Georgia

There were some pretty funny ones, but I'll just share my sister's- he, he!

The little nuts enjoyed themselves too...
Auntie Elisa & Olivia
My adorable niece, Evelette

We made Farmer's Omelettes for the shower (Jan S.'s recipe) and they were such a hit! 
I'll try to track down the recipe to share.  The recipe is definitely a keeper.
Congratulations Daniel & Liza!


  1. Lol ya I said it! You know me, gotta be dramatic!
    That was such a fun shower! Love you Rach!


  2. I had such a wonderful wonderful time!!! Leah as for your comment.. I am counting down the days :)...
    Thanks for such a wonderful wonderful shower!