2 Cleaning Products- Reviewed

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hello!  Here again with a few more products to share!
The first... Bar Keepers Friend
My husband and I found out about this wonder-product when we were registering for our pots and pans at Macys 8 years ago!  We've used it ever since.
I don't own a nonstick pan, so this makes my life so much easier!  You simply wash your pots and then go over them with a little of this products, rinse, and dry! 
It not only cleans them, but makes them so shiny and pretty.
My new favorite product.. .BIZ
My mom has used this for years and I'm not sure why I haven't tried it until now. 
I pulled out Olivia's old clothes a few weeks back to wash for Julia, but several things were stained or just not very bright. I soaked them in a bucket with a scoop of this for a few days and the stains came out perfectly (without harming the other colors).
 I also soaked a pair of David's jeans that were covered with grease and dirt and they came out like new. We couldn't figure out which pair of jeans were his new ones.  I've used it on a slew of different stains and it has worked each time.
I hope the products are helpful if you have some cleaning to do! 

Before I go, here is take one and take two of Peyton singing "School Days" from last week.  :) 
Bangu is Korean for toot... he, he
Take One

 Take Two


  1. I'll definitely have to try Biz. We own way too many clothes like you described ;-) Thanks!

  2. I love bar keepers friend. I have tried the other Bon Ami and it doesn't work nearly as well! Thanks for the tip on Biz. Gonna pick some up!


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