Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fluffing the Nest Before Baby

Here are a few random shots of the house that I forgot to post last week.  You know me and my neurotic nesting before baby!
After the basement overhaul, we moved furniture to furnace the new space, and sold a couple uncomfortable chairs, so we were left with an empty living room, which the little nuts really enjoyed!  It is just now starting to get some furniture with money for my 30th birthday, a couple garage sales, and a lot of blueberry orders! 
We're still looking for some cute recliners for the other side of the coffee table, and end tables, but we'll get there eventually!
Our entryway is nothing to write home about, but I did give it a teeny face lift.  I picked up the shoe rack from Bi-Mart in hopes of creating some organization when large parties come over and there is a mountain of shoes on the floor.  It certainly can't hold all the shoes, but hopefully it will help.  It also folds up and can go in the closet if I get sick of looking at it!
This wood caddy is from HomeGoods and looks very Pottery Barn; don't you agree?  I like to keep a few workbooks and art supplies upstairs, and it actually holds a lot!
I am excited about this comfy chair for the playroom.  It swivels, rocks, and reclines and will be so nice for baby.  We must be getting older because we want comfortable furniture!
In keeping with the theme of nests, here are some cute kids piled in the eagle nest at the Oregon Zoo- a labor day treat before back-to-school!
Eating an elephant ear!
Paytay taking his cousins and sisters for a ride:

They were so excited about the train!

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