Friday, February 10, 2012

Hooray for a Basement!

We are so thankful for this new area! 
The basement runs the length of the house, so it was a big undertaking, but well worth it.  We had to move everything {I can't believe how much stuff we have/had!}, so I took the opportunity to do some major cleaning out and organizing.  You can get on a roll, as I've been working on the girl's room now, but will finish before the weather changes and we are outside again!
  I forgot to take "before" pictures, but I did get some "in progress" shots.
David and my Dad had the idea of widening the openings to the room to help with airflow for our wood heat.  Previously, the openings were the size of a standard door.
The opening was the size of the storage room door in the picture.
This is the area "before/in progress" that is now our home school room
In progress shot of the main room
The other opening to the bedrooms widened
guestroom before:
sewing room before:
After pictures:
This is a fake terrarium I made for a cool shelf David built at the bottom of the stairs.  No maintenance... yes!

Home school room
I used my Christmas money to buy some shelves at Ikea and also borrowed items from the house to decorate/furnish/organize.
We made/printed some artwork for this wall {with the exception of the blue print from Jones Design Co.}.
I sold a couple rugs from our old house and got the one below from Overstock.
The floors turned out really pretty!
 Peyton enjoys cutting and serving food to us during school.
 I'll think I'll cover a canvas frame I have with fun fabric for between the windows or borrow my sister's idea and print a big horse onto fabric?? 
I'm still working on the office area, but I did borrow a few frames from Peyton's room for some blueberry inspiration {he has been the chief donor for the basement}.
 I'd like to make a shelf for above the desk.  I have the brackets- just need to cut down one of our boards.
Sewing room
My sister and I did some horse trading and she painted the white stripes!  I love them, Leah!
I may change things up a bit, but I wanted to quickly put together a spot to work.
Treasures from Grammy {David's Grandma} in the shadow boxes
Guest bedroom- in progress, but much cozier! :)
OK, that's it for our little basement tour!  Didn't my husband do the best job?! 
Happy Weekend Friends!
P.S. Thank you, thank you for all your kind words about our miscarriage.  We were so blessed and grateful for you!


  1. WOW!!! I had checked my google reader on my phone and when I saw what your post was about I quickly got out the laptop as I knew I would want to see the pictures larger. How nice to have a basement, just a tad bit jealous, but thrilled for you guys!! I bet it just doubled your space... amazing!!

  2. How awesome to have a brand new space to play,study,and sew! BTW, I am checking into the guest room bed and breakfast next weekend :)
    You have transformed the basement into a beautiful, cozy, welcoming place. I bet it is even nicer in person.

  3. LOVE!!! The rug is uh-mazing!!!!