Friday, February 17, 2012

What's for Dinner?

He is! 
That's right, meet Mr. Black Angus Steer.  He looks mean, and believe me, he is!  We have been doing our best to win him over, but it is slow going.  David was shocked at the price of beef when picking up some groceries for the Super Bowl, and thus it began.  This is our first time raising our own beef, but thankfully my parents used to run cattle, so we have their expertise to fall back on.  We've been doing our own fair amount of research, too.  There is actually a LOT to know.  You have to calculate rations, how you want to finish them, percentages of protein and so forth.  I had no idea. 
 In the meantime, we will be feeding him.  This is only half of the grain he'll eat between now and June.
 Sorry for the blurry pics, I had a baby on the hip, and attempting to zoom in on the hay loft.
The guys bucking hay.
 Hay hooks- don't they look menacing?

I have always loved the smell of grain covered with sweet molasses.  I have to restrain myself from eating a bite, but I'm pretty sure I tried it as a kid!
 phone pictures

Our next livestock adventure is visiting the neightbors 100 piglets!  The farmer said we could come for a visit as soon as the little nuts are over their colds. 

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  1. This post just cracked me up. I don't know if you know that I too was raised on a farm (dairy farm) for the first 14 years of my life. Once on slaughtering day my mom made sloppy joes's, it looked way to similar to what was going on that day, they tasted awful.. lol!! But love me some beef for sure, how cool will it be to raise your own dinner :)