Monday, February 20, 2012

Follow This?

A random list of 10, in no paticular order, about no particular thang... an update of sorts!
1. Home school.  We are fans!  I sometimes worry it's too easy?, but then I remind myself it is kindergarten, and relax.  O is finishing up 100 Lessons to Read and reading like a pro.  We included this in addition to MFW, and really, it would have been too easy without the daily reading challenge.  She truly loves books.  She loves them so much that she almost always opens up a book and smells it first, especially encyclopedias.  A sure sign of a lover-of-books, if you ask me.
In the last few weeks, I initiated a new practice of giving her a "star" or "check mark" for her overall work in home school for that day.  We just mark it on our dry erase calendar on our fridge, so Daddy can see how she did when he gets home from work; it is wonderful for accountability.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously, and have fun with school {something my cousin, Angie taught me}.  They think it is a riot that they have to take a "bathroom pass" when they need to go potty, and always ask me to stop them in the hallway to "ask for their pass".  We play other silly games like eatting birthday treats that another mother I brought for the class.  Little nuts!  They are bound to end up "weird" home school kids.
2. David is a really good drummer.  He's also my favorite singer {he's sexy like that}.  Peyton loves his new drum from Christmas, so Daddy's been showing him the ropes beat.
3. I got around to making these fun, dramatic bows for Olivia.  You know me, I couldn't make just one, it had to be a whole table full of 'em.  Why go to the trouble for one, right?  You've probably noticed her wearing them in almost every picture!
Looking like Minnie in polka dots
4. I also got 'round to making these soap dispensers.  I've contemplated selling them as the "other bathroom thing" in the shop, but I don't know if I can part with the old jars!  They are so cool!
I am keeping them next to my kitchen sink, the smaller one for hand soap and the bigger for dish soap.
5. This is a picture of my Dad on their 10th wedding anniversary in Hawaii {hanging on my parent's fridge right now for some reason:)}.  David and I will be celebrating our 10th next month; what the heck?!  It is a little unbelievable.  
6. I love this girl!  She has so much personality and heart, and sugar and spice!  She is 15 months now!  She is walking, running, climbing, and doing everything she can to keep up with her older siblings.  Her forehead is a constant bruise to prove it. 
7. The church is putting together a two year bible memorizaiton plan.  So excited!
8. We ordered our home school curriculum for next year!  My Father's World has sales running in February and cheap shipping, so we took dvantage of the lower prices.  Can't wait to get it!
9. I love that our days are scheduled around barn chores.  It seems right and good. 
10. I also love that I get to teach my kids how to ride.  Wait, teaching my kids to ride?  Carazy!
They are usually chomping at the bit {pun intended} to do barn chores... this is how they showed up to breakfast on Saturday.
Give Thanks in Everything!  Amen.
Over and Out


  1. Love the jars & the bows! Congrat's on having your kindergartner reading at a 2nd grade level. That is NOT easy! Can't wait to meet Sugar.

  2. how cute are your babes in their cowboy hats! and hello--kudos to homeschool--that is amazing!