Monday, February 13, 2012

Farm in Febuary

It has been a while since I posted pictures of the farm, so I tromped around in the mud, making my boots even more filthy before ballet, to capture a little of what is going on this time of year.
Nothing breathtaking, but it is an update anyway!
The blueberries trimmed.  This is their main trimming for the year.
The guys {my brothers, Amos, Dan} do a lot of shop work in the winter servicing equipment.
There is also a fair amount of office work to catch up on.
My Dad
and his hat
We get a little extra rest- what they were doing while I was taking the pictures. 
Fields to spray
Dancing- remember she was the only girl in the class?
Now look!
They just had a little dance fundraiser and it was so 'dorable!
My brother, Daniel, stealing our thunder, but better he than a backside. :)
Muddy horses
Cutest cheeks ever

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