Saturday, June 8, 2013

In the Kitchen & LIfe

I could easily spend my day in the kitchen; couldn't you?  There are the three meals a day to prepare and tidy up after, the time it takes to make things from scratch, and the investment of time to learn new things.  Yes, I could definitely just camp out in the kitchen!  I mentioned a couple posts back that we are eating different.  When we got home from Hawaii I was inspired by my friend, K'lyn {pictured below}.  I should mention that I was first appalled, I mean, c'mon, food is emotional, right?!  But after the initial shock, I was inspired, and challenged.  She is one of my everyday heroes. 
To make a long story shorter, we did the Paleo diet for a few months, and needed it.  I had become so addicted to sugar!  I had to have my chocolate after breakfast, Hot Tomales after lunch, ice cream after dinner.  Sheesh!  After the initial pain of cutting the sweets, it wasn't that hard.  I have found the more you eat the more you crave.  Hot T's don't even sound good.  I am reaching for dried fruit or making homemade ice cream for treats now- way healthier!  We've also greatly diminished our processed foods, really, you should see our pantry!  I love that we are eating more veggies.  I refer to Nourishing Traditions a lot.  My desire is to feed our family nutrient dense, nourishing foods.
The reality is, I can't spend my  w h o l e  day in the kitchen, so I keep it simple and try new recipes, foods and techniques as I can. 
I was quite pleased two weeks ago when I made: bone broth, Kombucha, soaked beans, cooked liver, and made an array of baby food.  I spent a lot of time in the kitchen that week.  It was an accomplishment to make those things in addition to everyday cooking.
Bone Broth for the freezer
Kombucha doing its thang
Kombucha bottled and ready to drink

Now for Life in Pictures.
A country walk with cousins. 
At the end of this year my parents will have 10 grand babies.
My family spoiled me with plants and flowers for Mother's Day.
I am having so much fun getting to know this new little person.
My Dad/Grampy:
Peyton laid out Colton's clothes like this one morning.  What a crack up!
The tribe dressed up to meet their new cousin.  My little brother had a baby girl, Emma Joy this week!  Congrats Patrick and Deb! 
I recently moved furniture around with my sis-in-law, so this is the living room right now. 
I will end this abruptly as our beautiful ballerina has her recital tonight. 
Time to get a move on!  Luvs~


  1. Your post is inspiring to me! You're awesome and your Instagram is always beautiful.

  2. I loved your post!!! and I love you more!!

  3. So fun to get a glimpse into your life and home. Your children are beautiful. Olivia is growing up so fast!
    Love you, dear friend.