Friday, August 2, 2013

Summatime, Summatime

Life is happening faster than I can blog about, but I still feel pictures serve as sweet landmarks when I can't blog my heart out.  There is always so much going on in the summer- I love it!
Peyton and Olivia were rewarded during their early outdoor chores one morning with baby killdeer- so cute! 
Peyton chasing the baby killdeer to show me

::  Home ::
 :: David is my hero and true love ::
He detests chickens, but built me the coolest chicken coop in the old barn.
Everyone enjoyed the project!
Tough farm girl helping us pulling wires.
We now have lights!
 ::This guy is his Daddy's main man ::
He is intelligent and creative.  Most days he can't empty the dishwasher without turning a lid into Buzz Lightyear's mask, or making "bird feeders" out of plates and cups.  He is constantly inspecting things with his unique perspective.  This summer he is learning to read, and will be reading proficiently by the beginning of kindergarten this fall.  He loves to snuggle and asks to read a chapter out of his Jesus Storybook Bible every night.

:: Our now seven-year-old ::
 She wanted to celebrate her birthday playing dress up, visiting the chickens, and by getting a new bike.  She is still an avid horse, pioneer-loving girl, so we surprised her with a covered wagon set on her birthday morning.  I don't know how many little girls carry their Bible everywhere and highlight it, but she does.  She also takes her baby doll to children's church- thankful for her innocence! 

 :: 9 months! ::
We are crazy with love for him.  He is so happy, snugly, and precious!  He is crawling, pulling up on everything and says about 10 words.  Both of my boys talked at 9 months!
First apple
Learning to crawl
Patiently letting me try fall clothes on him
:: Our Miss Bright ::
  Someone on Instagram rightfully named this picture, "summer face"
These two play so well together and say they are 'best friends'

The stuff that comes out of her mouth cracks me up!  I wore a swimsuit cover up to the pond the other day and she looked at me and said with her high, excited voice, "You wore a dress; good job, Mama!".  She is so girly, and loves to sing and dance.  She is probably more interested in shoes and jewelry than me!  We started potty-training this week.  Today she remembered a man at church that has a crooked neck and wanted to know his name so we could pray for him. 
Singing her little heart out on our way home after a pond day
For the 4th we went to the parade and hosted a barbecue and fireworks.  My Uncle from Japan was here, as well as David's sister from Bend, so we were extra blessed with family!
That's all for now!  I hope you and yours are enjoying a wonderful summer! 
Much love~


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  1. Love your summer update and sweet pictures! Your children are growing up so fast.
    Sending lots of love from hot Texas :)