Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Valentine's {Day} Weekend

What a fun-filled, and busy Valentine's weekend.  We started it off by staying up way too late Thursday night making Valentine's Day cards.
Friday morning we had a few cousins over (actually we ended up with 17 of us!) for a little Valentine's lunch.  The kids exchanged cards and played, and there were babies galore- LOVE!   
 We also had our Prophetic Conference at church over the weekend, which was awesome, and I had the incredible joy of watching my friend's precious crew. 
It was all fun and games until I tried to show them a really good time and ended up getting stuck in the mud with six kids.  Oh my.  David was gone, so my Dad to the rescue. 
He got me good {see below}. 
My hunched shoulders show my defeat for sure!  Actually, it was kind of the highlight to our day and we are still laughing about it.  He, he. 
We spent the rest of the stormy day indoors.
Here they were painting in their jammies before dinner: 
Sunday it was back to church and briefly home again before heading off to the girl's ballet performance.
I took this picture of the living room as it was the only semi-clean room in the house.  Ugh.  Piles of dirty laundry and evidence of our fun weekend were scattered everywhere.  I had to remind myself to breath and take it all in stride. :) 
No time for a nap for her.  She dressed herself and came out ready to go.  She is changing and maturing so much lately.  Stop growing up so fast!
It was her first performance and she loved every minute of it.  I could hardly get her attention as she was taking it all in and memorizing everyone else's moves.
Olivia and a couple other older siblings have been dancing and assisting in Julia's class all year..
Sisters performing together, and a cousin!: 
 Olivia's dance was so advanced and graceful.  All her hard work has definitely paid off.
I made a little art area off our dining room that we love, so I'm hoping to show it next. 
Hey, I'm blogging...



  1. You were busy and you still generously took on 4 more kids! They had a blast- the best memories. Thank you!! Can't wait to see more...

  2. So cute! Julia is such a sweetheart! Love her little bun!!

  3. Such sweet kids. What a blessing to have so many cousins around the same age to enjoy!

    Glad you had a great Valentine's Day. Love you so - even with mud splattered all over. What a great story and fun memories!!!


  4. I don't know why I hadn't seen this till now!!! The mud picture made me chuckle... I love you.