Back To School

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It is back to school for us this week!  I would have been happy to start later in September, but they have been pushing me to start and I could not hold them off any longer.  I mean, you have to capitalize on that enthusiasm, right?
Meet our third grader, first grader, preschooler and little firecracker. 




  1. Adorable!! How do you handle three different curriculums?

    1. That is an excellent question and was one of my main concerns! It is actually going much smoother than I anticipated. I first work with Julia while the other two are getting started on their work (usually math). I take turns between the older two (sitting right with them and working independently). Next year I will teach the older two the same curriculum (minus math, English). It is definitely a balancing act, but can be done. Hope that helps!

  2. Julia looks so grown up!! I can tell they were eager to start as it looks like it might of even been a little dark out? You guys are going to have an AWESOME year!!!

  3. PS I want to sit in your school room and see all your cool touches!

  4. Your classroom set up looks phenomenal!


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