Friday, October 31, 2014

From Where We Homeschool

I can only laugh at these posts.  I put pictures in a post with the intention of coming back to write, but life happens (like you are sick for 5 weeks with the worst cough of your life), so I just wind up with a crazy smorgasbord of pictures.  They are well aged, fermented, and I swear, have multiplied!
  Homeschooling.  It is the hardest job I have ever done.  Seriously.  I am beat by the end of a full week of schooling these monkeys.  David works a LOT, so couple that with the fact that homeschooling Moms don't get a lot of breaks, and I need the Lord every second of the day, which is a really good place to be.  It is a challenge, but a privilege.  I feel pretty darn grateful to be both Mom and teacher, to watch them learn on the daily.  They are each other's very best friends and we are doing life together, like really, and making what I hope will be very precious memories.
This year we implemented school uniforms, with the exception of Exploration Day Fridays, and so far so good  I had the idea after VBS because camp t-shirts were so easy and I wanted to keep our mornings simple.  Most surprising to me is how excited they were to wear them.  It is absolutely true that kids crave the security of routine and order, so Lord help me.
Our read aloud put little man right to sleep.

You better believe she was not going to miss the opportunity to hold her sleeping brother.

We have things growing in pots, art projects drying on top of the fridge, dirt in jars, special dishes being prepared in the kitchen... the homeschooling life!
Our homeschool room is not Pinterest worthy, but each year it gets better and better.



Duct tape nature bracelets for the win!



Homemade tortillas with Auntie Liza!

He got to spend a few days helping David make firewood.  He and Olivia were such a great help.

Sometimes you have to interrupt school to catch the frog outside your homeschool window, and sometimes you have to interrupt life to record these rich memories.


  1. So lovely, so loving. Love the way you parent and school your kids. They are blessed to have you.
    Hope you are feeling much better, dear friend. Love you!

  2. Love this update. Miss those kiddos. You're amazing!

  3. Love your organization! The school room can certainly get out of control so quickly. I'm inspired by you! I spy your "new" table and chairs! Love it.

  4. Love. love. Love. Love you and yours!!!!