Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bird Feeder & Hello

Greetings from the farm!  I was hoping to put together a post with all the miscellaneous things we've been up to (besides getting over being sick that is), but a quick update will have to suffice, and I'll dump a big "catch up" post on you soon! :) 

I do believe we are finally well.  Julia was the last one to get sick (oh, how I prayed she would stay healthy), but she came through it quickly and without incident.  She developed symptoms on Sunday, and by early evening, the nurse advised us to bring her in immediately.  They do not mess around when it comes to a nine week old baby!  She was so happy through it all, and I actually enjoyed the quality time with her and my man as pathetic as that sounds.:)  I told David that we must be really desperate for a date to spend three hours in the ER.  Ha, ha!

The birds are singing up a storm this afternoon and I want to share this cute, easy bird feeder that my MIL made with the little nuts around Christmas.  I don't have very good pictures to share, but hopefully you get the idea.
Take an apple (any one will do), and use a skewer to push a ribbon through the center of it.  Next, roll the apple in a dish of peanut butter until it is completely covered.  Finally, roll the apple in bird seed, and string them up for the birds to enjoy.  The chickadees loved them and we loved watching them!  Thank you, Grammy!

In addition to the lovely virus we all had, I've still been afflicted with the clean out/organize/rearrange bug.  You too?  There is much to do these days and it should serve my family well if we can improve some of our processes.  What better time to implement them than the New Year, right?  I'll share a few soon if any of them seem noteworthy!  Take care!


  1. So glad to hear you guys are better, being sick is no fun at all. Can't wait to see all the wonderful projects come from being healthy and having energy. Hope you get a real date soon :)

  2. We just put up our first bird feeder, as part of a science lesson! We too are enjoying watching the chickadees and house sparrows. Today, we saw a new small bird with blue markings on it head and yellow on it's breast. Do you know what kind of bird it might be?

    I am glad that you're all feeling better!

    I am looking forward to your cleaning/organzing posts!

  3. K, We're wondering if it was a canary (they can be so many different colors) or perhaps a Warbler?