Thursday, January 27, 2011

Product Reviews & The Secret Garden

I can't take credit for finding the following products, but they are too good not to share!
#1 Candy Cane Green Tea via Trader Joe's
I'm not a big tea fan (unless chai tea lattes count), but this tea is ridiculously good.  You must try if you haven't already.  It is seasonal, so watch for it next year!
#2 Coffee Mugs via World Market
These are the cutest coffee mugs and I love their smaller size (my sweet friend and sister-in-law totally hooked me up).  I now, not only have one, but TWO cute coffee mugs!   
Thank you!  I love them!
#3 Eucerin lotion and Johnson's baby oil gel
These two products bring a smile to my face.
I rub baby oil gel on the kids before they get out of the shower (while they are still damp), then towel them off, and it makes it so easy on me.  I like to use it too; it is something we started using in Hawaii. 
Eucerin works wonders for those trouble areas of dry skin.  We've had patches of dry skin and my hands are perpetually dry, but this stuff works instantly.
#4 Sweet Cajun Mix via Cash & Carry
Yummy, Yum, Yum! 
My Grandma brought this mix to Christmas and talk about a crowd pleaser!  Everyone loved it and we have a large, diverse taste testing group to satisfy.  It is the perfect combo of sweet, salty, and spicy.  The kids love it too, so it can't be too spicy.  Pick it up at Cash & Carry and then add whatever else you want to it (sunflower seeds, etc.).  It freezes well too!
Olivia and I watched The Secret Garden last week while we were recovering.  I wasn't sure if it would be too dramatic for her, as she's only seen a handful of movies (note her concerned look below), but we both enjoyed it and it provided wonderful material for imaginative play.
We got outside later in the week with The Secret Garden as our inspiration. 
"Mary" going down the slide, technically it should be the swing :)

They dug around with sticks, found daffodils pushing up through the ground, and thoroughly enjoyed the mild temperatures we're having!


We are prayerfully considering what we are going to do for schooling for this little girl. 
 She was my baby and now such a little lady!

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