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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Howdy!  Here's our Christmas photo album.  We kept with tradition and celebrated Christmas Eve with my family, but headed over the mountain for Christmas at David's sister and brother-in-law's.  We descended on our hospitable hosts Sunday night, and were welcomed with the most thoughtful basket of treats in our room.  After playing hard for a couple days, they sent us home with professional quality pictures of our time spent there.  So cool!  Thank you for everything, Evan and Elisa!  If the video in my last post wasn't enough to bore you, I'll try again with this multitude of Christmas pictures!  A couple family members even complained of the video's length... ouch!:)  We should have done more editing/removal in our slick, rapid-fire, technology-saturated world, but you know computers are not my thing!  My mom is most definitely falling behind on the times of technology because she cried and laughed at the video like only a patient grandmother could {oh, and Pam, too:)}!
Christmas Eve
We came home from the candlelight service at church, had the best tri-tip steak dinner your mouth could ever imagine, then promptly began the gifts at my parents!
Paper was flying!
I absolutely love how my family adores each other. 
Uncle Zach and Evie
Grampy and Jules
Sheer joy!
 Christmas Morning
was a lot of fun!
The dude looking dapper for church Christmas mornin'.
It is hard to get a picture of the little nut these days
as she is always doing this
Bend, Oregon!
David's parents and cousin Caedmon
Both of his sisters are prego... so fun!
Grampa and Jules
Julia was quite taken with Uncle Evan
The most anticipated part of the trip... SNOW!
Crazy parents!
Grammy and baby girl
Have you ever seen a cuter face?
Happy New Year!

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  1. Such a joy to watch the Rydman family grow...all of you!! :) Looks like you had a memorable time! Blessings to you in 2012.


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