Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peppermint Cake Pops, Whoopie Pies & Elves

I told David this morning that this is truly the best time of our lives {as if he needs to be reminded:)}.  We are having so much fun as parents.  Tough Guy has us laughing out loud most of the time.  I don't even know how to begin describing the funny things he says and does because half of the humor is in his boy expressions, tone of voice or gestures that go along with what he is saying, but I'll try.  Early this morning he was getting ready to go on a quick errand with Daddy, so I met him at the garage door to send half of a bagel with cream cheese, but in our transfer, it landed face down on the dirty garage rug, covered with cooties.  David and I cringed, and I was about to throw it out, but no matter to Peyton, he quickly scooped it up and said in his most appreciative, excited tone, "thank you, Mama!".  He then turns, and leaning forward struts out the garage, and in his I'm-going-with-Daddy-and-I'm-important-voice says, "let's go, Daddy!'.  Oh, buddy!  Where did you come from? :)
Well, if it wasn't obvious, my inspiration for the delicious treats this week came from Starbucks, and here are a few more.  I looked up their menu online for some revelation and went to work.  Man, are they hitting the spot!
Vanilla Peppermint Cake Pop

Of course, you could do whatever flavor/kind you want!
vanilla cake mix
tub of vanilla frosting
peppermint candy toppings
white chocolate for dipping
Bake your cake and ruin it by breaking into pieces.
Mix the cake crumbs with the frosting and roll into balls.  Place your balls in the freezer.
Melt chocolate.  Dip the end of a stick into the chocolate and gently stick the stick in the center of the frozen ball.  Swirl in the chocolate until covered. Sprinkle peppermint candy.  Place your finished cake pops back in the freezer on wax paper until ready to serve.
I had very eager, happy helpers.

Chocolate Crème Whoopie Pies

There may be a better recipe out there, but I followed this one.
I had mine today with my morning cup of Joe... yum, yum, yum.

(Blue Eyed) The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with Elf.Opens in a new window
Before I sign off, have you heard of Elf on a Shelf?  My Uncle Ladd and Aunt Beth, who have the best taste and are uber creative, fun parents, told us about it!  It sounds like a really charming tradition, and I'm hoping to pick one up if they go on sale after Christmas!  Have you heard of it or do you have it? 
Alrighty, time to get our rears in gear {as my Mama says}.  Bye!

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  1. All your Christmas treats look so good, Rachel!
    Frisby, our Christmas elf, has been visiting our home since 2007. I have very good memories of Ella whispering to him and asking him to report back to Santa how good she had been. :)

    Love & miss you!
    Uncle Ladd