Forget Me Not

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Forget Me Not
"When to the flowers so beautiful 
The Father gave a name, 
Back came the little blue-eyed one-
All timidly it came-
And standing at the Father's feet
And gazing at His face,
It said in low and trembling tones,
with sweet and gentle grace,
"Dear God, the name thou gave st me, 
Alas, I have forgot."
Then kindly, looked the Father down, 
And said, "Forget Me Not."

Five weeks ago this Saturday, Christmas Eve, we had a very sweet surprise.  It was a big sister's wish for Christmas.  Her answered prayer; a miracle!  Oh, how we rejoiced over the surprise, the new life- we couldn't even wait to tell our family, and spilled the beans that night.
It all happened so fast, I've even wondered if it was true.  I wanted to grieve the loss, and thought I had?
I take after my grandmother, whose father told her, "Indians don't cry."  I rarely cry.  Yet, as I read  a note from my Nanny Monday, the tears finally came in muffled sobs.  Poor Peyton didn't know what to think and ran to get his blanket to comfort me. :)
She wrote, "what a reunion it'll be in Heaven when we meet these unborn babies".  Ironically, she even sent her note on Native American stationary.  It was also the day after someone at church prayed a most precious/prophetic prayer over me.  How God loves us!!!  Looking back, I think my grief was festering.  Where I am normally patient, I have been irritable- yuck.  Something broke and grace filled the cracks!  I have had more than one occasion where I could have/should have felt overwhelmed this week, but I have had peace.
In the short time the baby lived, it was/is most certainly loved.  O drew this picture of her and brother holding "him" the day before we told her the baby was in heaven.  When we told her, she wanted to know what happens with all the babies, but instead answered, "I think God is holding all of them."

We love you, sweet baby, and will forget you not!


  1. Rach,
    How amazing for you to share this and encourage others when you yourself are still hurting. Praying for you for peace and rest, lots of grace and new life again at the perfect time!!

  2. Oh, Rach, sending lots of hugs your way! You've been on my mind the last few days. Love you SO!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss... my heart hurts for you, dear friend.
    Praying for peace and comfort.
    Love you!

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  5. Rachel,

    My throat choked as I read your post. We love you, and pray for your continual peace & comfort. What a heart-felt opening of your feelings you poured out. A line that now sticks with me - "Something broke and grace filled the cracks." - beautiful.

    love you,
    Uncle Ladd & Aunt Beth


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