Friday, January 20, 2012

Week... Insta-style

If I had instagram or instagrid {what is it called?}, I think it would look like this: 
I'll pretend the picture quality is due to phone pictures, too. 
Our first time meeting Lakota
 My little ones in wranglers- I love!
 I wish I could tell you this was a home run craft, but 'twas not the case.  I thought we could make some fun artwork for the home school room, but the mess, oh the mess of this project.  Should you attempt this, be sure to adequately cover the perimeter. 
 After you hot glue your crayolas to a canvas, hold a hair dryer to them and watch them melt! 
 Reminded me of lava
 It is fun taking pictures of the precious little things that are our days, like how a sister plays cars with her brother. 
She clips a hair clip on
and drives them while wearing her crown and princess dress.
Waking up to  s n o w !
 Can I hear a hurrah?!  We are moved into the basement and Jules even watched her first movie {Baby Einstein} in the new space.  Previously, we've watched movies on our laptop, so we are pretty pumped about the new family room!
A reminder... spring is coming!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I am curious to see the finished art project!

  2. I just want to come over there and give you a big kiss cause you are too cute! I LOVE you Rachel! You are the most incredible Mama I know!

    Love you