Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day 2012, end of school, and quotes

Mother's Day picture with David's Mom and sisters, my oldest girl, and baby Clara. 
It was a fun "girl shot"; we were just missing Jules. 
I am so rich with the ladies in my life.  I have the bestest sister-in-laws, sister, mama, mother-in-law. 
It is the year for babies!   
Olivia walked out one morning wearing these and said she was, "Auntie Leah".  My sister started an Etsy Shop, is making jewelery, and doing so well!  I could go on and on about her, but I'm trying to keep this short, so go check it out! 
You can see where Olivia likes to copy her Auntie.
I was updating my journal of the little nuts quotes and decided the Grandmas would probably love a copy, so it turned into a little Mother's Day gift for them.  I copied off the pages and put a quick cover on them.  I think they liked!
I love the little nut's quotes and treasures they bring me. 
I keep this little cup in my kitchen next to the phone as a special place to put the treasures they find for me in the yard- marbles, shells, rocks, feathers, and random plastic caps. 
I also love my husband and his quotes.  I should probably start a journal of the funny things he says, too.  And I get accused of not being sentimental!
I was reflecting on a few of them the other day and wanted to laugh/cry; I think I'm a little emotional. 
A few of my faves...

Some years back we watched a movie where the wife dies and the husband comes home to his wife's trail of things left behind; it was very touching.  I am a little fanatical about trying to leave the house clean when we go somewhere.  My Mom passed this onto me as she always said she didn't want someone coming home to find dirty underwear on the floor or an unmade bed. :)  So, I told David there wouldn't be a trail left behind if something happened to me.  His quick response was that yes there would be... Ziploc baggies of carrots in the fridge ready to go for his lunch. 

Then when we had our first baby.  It was the middle of the night and I was really sick or just really overwhelmed and I told David, "I can't do this.".  He leaned over in bed, after being woke up from a dead sleep, and pulled out a ring from his nightstand.  He had bought it before we were even married for when we had our first child.  I was instantly "better". 

Last week he told me everything good in his life has come from me.  Not so, but very sweet!

I snapped a photo while Daddy and his helpers were planning out the garden for this year {notice Olivia's little mini-me notebook}.
Gardens and life are funny.  For example, while the little man and Daddy were planting the garden this week, I took dinner out to them and David looked shocked and said, "what is all over your face?!".  I went back inside only to realize when I had "lost" my smoothie all over the kitchen floor, I cleaned up the floor really well, but neglected to clean up myself, so this is what I looked like... scary! :)
Our oldest finished up kindergarten last week, we released butterflies on Mother's Day and it felt symbolic of the transformation in her and I during our first year of home school.  It has been s a really good year {more on that later} and we are loving summer break and our new freedom! 


  1. Beautiful, sweet, and thoughtful! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this school year!

  2. Rachel,

    I'm re-reading some of your posts and I am getting teary eyed... So lovely that you document this!!! love you lots!!!