Saturday, May 19, 2012

Veggie Burrito

***Update- I forgot to list cheese with the ingredients {AND put in mine last night}, so be sure to include it!***

Veggie Burrito anyone?

I made these last night and they were so fresh and tasty.  I'm not going to tell you where my inspiration came from, OK, OK, Taco Time, yes, that is how lame, and un-gourmet I am, but have you ever tried them?  They were such a treat during my teenage years if my Mom ever splurged and picked up fast food for lunch.  I get them from time to time for my little nuts and have them cut in half.  Anyhoo... I made my own version and they were good! 

- Spanish rice- I made up a quick batch by adding a couple of cans of Ro-tel with diced green chilies to my rice
- pinto beans, warmed and mashed {or whatever you prefer... re fried beans would be yummy}
- cheddar cheese
- diced olives
- diced tomatoes
- chopped cilantro
- sour cream- be generous!
- sunflower seeds
- lettuce- finely chopped
- diced onion
- whole wheat wraps

Pile your veggies high, wrap 'em up, and dig in!

AND for a total veggie overload, I made up some of Liza's Mexican coleslaw to go with... heaven!


  1. Oh yum! Those are my FAVORITE! Did you also ever get Mexi-fries with it too?

  2. YES! I have discovered them since being pregnant and they go very nicely with a veggie burrito and root beer!:)

  3. YUM! You are both making me hungry...