Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing Catch-up, Experiencing Summer Break

School is out, I'm feeling better, and we are playing some much-needed catch-up around the house.  We've been making some bows, and baking.  We've watched the horses get their hooves trimmed and watched the steer get slaughtered {correction- only David and our gutsy oldest were there for that}, we're getting ready for a garage sale and tackling all kinds of little projects.  The little nuts spend time every day on the swings.  I love watching SweetP out the kitchen window on the glider making it go as high as humanly possible, laughing hysterically with his sister next to him.  I have this crazy idea to get the kid's rooms all switched over and ready for baby boy by the end of June.  It makes sense in my pregnant little head to get it done before berries are ready and we are busy with harvest.  Harvest is just around the corner and the farm is busy as usual.  The guys have been preparing to plant another few acres of blueberries that go in this week as well as lots of other farming. 
Our mountain of library books for summer reading.
Peanut butter balls, and chocolate dipped marshmallows for my brother's birthday, with enough left over for us, of course.
We used the giant campfire marshmallows and dipped them in milk chocolate with drizzled white chocolate.  They were reminiscent of a scotchmallow- yum!
We are anxious for fresh blueberries and even broke down and bought some.  I can hardly wait to see the little ones planted next to a blueberry bush, shoving in chubby handfuls of blueberries this summer.
I'm pretty sure they learned some important lessons about the food chain with the whole experience of having a steer.  I had to finally ask them to stop referring to our dinner as "the steer" as we were eating it.  I must be a wimp because they are not at all bothered by the idea of eating Blue.
We were messing around at the barn last Sunday night, got a little cold, and decided to roast marshmallows right in the corral, with the horses, in the dirt.  Making memories.
I picked up these fun baskets at Target on clearance for the boys' room.  I told Mr. Man they were cowboy baskets.  I am picturing them with the cowhide rug, and freshly painted walls.  I'd love to give their rooms a little sprucing up before baby.
 I love a cool basket.
Getting in the mood for summer all-around... 

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