Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two Weeks!

Today marks two weeks since we brought our sweet baby boy home from the hospital.  I have tried to sit down to write this post on several occasions, but have only got as far as uploading some photos, so I better just leave it at that and post it already!  The sweet moments are happening all around us, and all the time; I really want to capture some of them.
The little man at one week old:
These little nuts have the best Daddy ever!  How I appreciate and love him!
Daddy, the jungle gym:
Art appreciation with Daddy- watching a little Bob Ross:

I came across this picture from the hospital and love it.  He managed to find some milk as it was nearing bedtime and she was pretty adamant about having some! 

We have, understandably, been home more than not, but thankful for a few outings.
Dressed up for the harvest party:
Off to ballet for the girls, and cousin/Lego time for the boys:

Baking in the kitchen with my sweet girl- notice the dishes she put her ingredients in. :-)
It is pretty amazing watching your kids welcome a new sibling. 
Big Sister: "He is SO cute!" {x100}
"He is our gift from God!"
Big Brother: "He smells so good!"
"I wish I were him, so, you would touch only me." 
"I like him better than any other baby because he has the smallest head."
Big Sister: "I kiss him!"
"His eyes are open!!"

We made it to Tarjay, which is always one of our first outings after baby! :-)
Can you believe we picked his name while I was in labor?  David came up with it and I processed it between contractions- ha!!  I love his name and I love him!!

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  1. How wonderful! I love reading the comments your kids said about the new baby... so sweet! So happy that Colton is home with you all and doing well. Love you all!