Thursday, November 22, 2012

Look Who's Two!

This little "Shirley Temple" girl turned two yesterday!  She is as sweet and feisty as they come.  Not only does she have a Shirley Temple personality, but she also shares her rotund little figure, and comical strut {walks around tummy first}.  She's cute and she knows it!
 It seems like overnight her vocabulary went from good to incredible.  She throws out big words in her grown-up sentences like, "instead, chapter, suddenly, pretend, and because".  It shouldn't surprise me that she is making up stories and walking around with books, just following suit and doing what she sees done all day long!  We've got some good imaginations around here, I'm telling you. 
We love you, Julia Bright!
Pray for good weather for her party on Sunday because Mama planned a "campfire" birthday party for her; will I ever learn?! :-)
She turned two and her baby brother was four weeks old yesterday!
I'm also squeezing in our Instagram pictures from the last couple of weeks.
A big smile from the little man:
I love my girl's curls:
Helpful big sister:
Soaking in the pure bliss of snuggling with a newborn, OUR newborn...ahh!
I really love white, black and gold right now {scenes from around the house}:
Being goofy with my sista and the little nuts in a photo booth at our church's annual Thanksgiving Eve service:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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