Monday, December 3, 2012

Now for her party...

Oh, blog of mine, I have missed thee, but you'll just have to continue to take the backseat to pretty much everything else right now.  In any case, I have felt rather in a fog these days, and just do my best to form clear sentences to my children that they can comprehend and follow.  Yes, I think interrupted sleep can leave you feeling rather dull and stupid; last week I was definitely feeling it in full force, but I have a fire under me this madMonday.  Yep, we moved back down to the homeschool room this morning, I am posting on the blog {anyone want to proofread this for me?!}, and I'm attacking the office next! 
I can't believe it.  The Christmas season is already underway and you know December is going to fly by.  Hold the keyboard keys- I just spoke my next sentence to my laptop and it did not type the words for me!  Been spoiled by a smart phone much?  Ha, ha!  I still don't know about all this technology stuff, but I did make my grocery list this weekend by talking to my phone.  And when I get a chance, I have really enjoyed reading this gal's blog and her beautiful posts/perspective on everything from parenting to yes, even some redeeming qualities of technology.   I love their love token system, too.

But, I digress, the reason for this post...
It was a campfire birthday partay for the little Miss.  She loves the outdoors, and we kept it simple and sweet.  Hot dogs and smores with our awesome family.
Her new baby doll was by far her favorite present, she even passed up on dessert so as not to have to be separated from Grace {she named her within minutes}.

We love you, sweet, sweet girl!
Enjoying the fire at Camp 18 yesterday.
Crazy bunch!

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  1. You have a pretty darn good excuse for not blogging much! Love it when you do none the less. Welcome Back :)