Sunday, February 24, 2013


Without further ado, our pictures from Hawaii! 
I could give you all kinds of excuses for why I did not get back to posting these sooner {sickness, injury, technical issues}, but let's just cut to the chase, shall we?! 
A couple days after Christmas, we got the kids fully dressed, tucked them into bed, and caught an early flight the next day for beautiful Hawaii.  It is hard to believe we did this just two years ago with six-week-old Julia.  Colton's turn! 

Party of nineteen on this trip!  Good thing I have such a cool family. :-)
Peyton was more excited about the volcano than just about anything else.  Naturally, he was attracted to the fire and smoke, and told us they, "interrupt".
There is so much to see, and I believe the Big Island is home to almost every climate of the world {thus the cactus below}.  We saw more sea turtles than ever, swam with dolphins, watched whales, got stung by sea urchins, jumped off cliffs, found new incredible beaches, and  soaked  up  the  sun.
Olivia named this little bay, "calm waters".  All beaches in Hawaii are public, so it is just a matter of knowing where to go.  Thank you to Daniel & Liza for finding this one!
David had to fly home four days ahead of us for work; I'm so glad we got this family picture before he left.
Thank you, Dad and Mom!


  1. So fun! I love reading thru your blog and looking at all your pictures! Keep them coming (when you get time!) :)


  2. Wow! What a wonderful trip! You are one brave momma, traveling with 4 little ones. And Colton is so chunky and adorable!!! Have missed you and your posts. Think of you often. Glad to see you are doing well.
    Love you!