Hawaii- How it All Began

Monday, December 20, 2010

My parents honeymooned in Kona, Hawaii 32 years ago, and have been revisiting the spot ever since.  It was as teenagers that my siblings and I first joined them for a family vacation. 
My Dad and Mom made the vacation affordable by only going every few years, saving up their air miles for free airfare, squeezing into a condo or staying at thee oldest hotel on the Big Island (we equated the lodging/experience to that of camping), bringing our own groceries (my mom still brings frozen meat in coolers!), and not doing the typical tourist activities that cost money. 
After all, when you're in paradise, you really only need the sun, sand, water and a bathing suit.
Now that most of us are married, my parents have graciously and generously extended the invitation to our families.  Crazy-cool, huh?  We missed the trip two years ago, as Peyton was only a few weeks old, but we will be joining the clan for this trip after the first of the year!!!!  I have been looking forward to our vacation all year.  Olivia was 4 months old when we were there last and it was David's first time. 
What an absolute privilege to be able to leave the cold behind and soak up some vitamin D!

What I am looking forward to most: 
- getting Julia outside to see new things
- Olivia, Peyton, Daddy and Mama playing outside
- fresh produce- the markets are the best!
- SUN, I wish I didn't love it, but I really am a glutton for it
- exploring the island and visiting the historical sites
- a dinner at Bubba Gumps
- quality time with the ones I love
- the breathtaking beauty
- shaved ice
- sharing traditions, new experiences with the little nuts
- the warm ocean
- the slow pace of the island

Things we love about the Big Island:
- It is a quaint, family-friendly island, but still has a lot to do
- there is only a two-lane highway that goes around the whole island
- my parents appreciate how everything has stayed the same over the years (especially the first 20 years that they visited) and only recently did they get a Costco and Walmart
- cool history on the island- Mark Twain lived there and it is home to Parker Ranch (one of the largest and oldest cattle ranches in America)

We know we're a little crazy to be taking three kids four and under (and a newborn in that mix), but with such a great opportunity, can you blame us for going for it?  My doctor actually said it is an ideal time to take a vacation since newborns sleep so much. 
Sooooo... Hawaii or bust! :)

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