Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cool Christmas Freebie

My cousin shared this with me, so I wanted to pass it along to you! 
Go here to download and print the cute poster below.  I printed mine on photo paper and put it in a large white frame. 
And I guess my sister and I had cones on the brain this week (she made super cute ones with fabric) and I was inspired by some pine cone ones I saw at Target.  I collected a few fir cones and glued them onto a cone and painted it white.  Don't laugh!:)
The little owl is from Target (on sale for $7.19).
Popum and Nanny came down this week to meet Julia, so we all got together and made Christmas cookies.  Actually, Leah made cookies with the kids!  "Saint Leah"!
My pretty sister-in-law with my pretty baby girl:

I'll leave you with a festive Peyton quote from this week.  He met Santa and kept asking him, "Santa, can Rudolph guide your sleigh tonight?"  He is having so much fun with Christmas and Santa got a pretty big kick out of it too!:)   

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  1. I just printed that out last night!! Great minds I tell you!
    Love Peyton's quote!
    Love yous guys!