Thursday, December 30, 2010

I am quickly trying to clean out, organize and decorate post-Christmas.  How about you??  Do you get the itch this time of year too?  For me, the sparser the better.
We like to bring out a mess of snowmen, a little sparkle, and our winter figurines.:)
We moved furniture around in a few rooms too.

These guys are missing limbs here and there, but still cute for winter.
The owl made the cut for after-Christmas-decor.
I'm sure I'll add in a few things, but for now it is nice to have a blank slate to work with.  It should be fun to come home to after vacation too.
Smothered with love.

Did I tell you we got a new camera for Christmas?  It is not a $500 camera, OK, or even a $300 camera, but I didn't have to hold still or try to catch them being still to get the pictures.  I am so grateful and excited.  Yay!

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