Wednesday, December 22, 2010

David and I have been smiling and laughing about these things lately (it is very possible that we are just overly tired), but I'm going to share anyway.

Peyton's Wrangler bottom
The wranglers belonged to Olivia, and were so tight we had to put underwear on him so we could pull them up- in true cowboy fashion.  He loved them.  He walked around stoically, doing this do-si-do move with his foot out to the side and his heel down and toe up. 
Where does he get this stuff? 
Man, we laughed hard!

I propped up Julia here while I was putting things away and had to do a double take when I came back in... doesn't she look like a doll amongst the stuffed animals?
 She definitely has me smiling, so forgive me if I end up posting a weekly picture for a while.  I'm sure we'll look at these pictures in a few months and think she looked like an alien, but we are blinded by love, folks.
Kids and cozy spots!
Our house has warm lighting throughout, but for some reason the little nuts are drawn to this step light that Daddy installed in the dark hallway.  They lay here with blankets or sit and read.
I guess my Dad used to like to sit outside under the dryer vent as a kid.  That sounds cozy!

David and I got the giggles one night as we were noticing how our oldest loves to shorten everything...
"screwdriver" is "screwdrive"
"nativity" is "nativ"
"Mary" is "mar"
"diapers" have always been "diaps"

What in the world? 
What joy and entertainment they bring!

We pray you are captivated with wonder and love for the King of kings this Christmas season.  Merry, Merry Christmas!

P.S. I've got a hankering to do a little Christmas giveaway, but it is already Wednesday, so it might be a week late!

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  1. I betcha you and David put your wranglers on ALL the time and two step around the house. I am SURE that's where Peyton picked it up :)
    I loove your documenting the sweet everyday memories. Julia is so beautiful!


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