Monday, April 22, 2013

Nearly six months!

See the sweet little chick below?
This week he turns six months old, and on this 21st of April he was dedicated to Jesus.  What a celebration in heaven and on earth!  Time is truly flying by.  Days and weeks are gone.  Is it really almost May? 
I loved this motherhood quote as shared with me by a friend,
"Motherhood is raw and pure.  It is fierce and gentle.  It is up and down.  It is magic and madness.  Single days last forever and years fly by... Be gentle with yourself as you travel, dear mother.  Don't miss the scenery.  Don't miss conversation with your traveling companions.  Laugh at the bumps and say 'ooh , aah!' on the hairpin turns.  Buckle your seat belt.  You're a mom!"
~ Aviva Jill Romm
It was time for his nap, but he cooperated for a few pictures before his dedication. 
He is such a sweet little love bug. 
I love how proud his big brother looks.
My awesome, good-looking parents at lunch.
Of course we waited until after lunch when we were ready for naps and looking quite disheveled to get a family picture. ;-)
May we look into the eyes of our littles as we listen to them today, may we seek and see Jesus in everything we do!  And may the laundry please disappear.  Amen!
  All our love~

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