Friday, May 3, 2013


Would you believe this is us right now, a current post?  So excited!  This year has been full of changes.  Since February David has been busy with an extensive house remodel project replacing the interior trim, sanding all the doors, fixing up a gross bathroom, and tying up loose ends in the basement. With the exception of the kitchen, the house is beautiful and like new!  We've also revamped how we are eating, purged the house, got a new mini horse and chicks, kids are in t-ball, and I am part of a leadership team for the kid's ministry at church- just to name a few!  We are scheduled to be done with the school year May 10th, although we're planning to do a few things during the summer.
Most recent funny quotes from the kids:
Jules saw one of the workers climbing up on a grain bin and when I asked her who it was she told me,
"I don't know, probably John Wayne or somethin' ". 
Peyton was being goofy and said, "don't you love when my red cheeks are gleaming with laughter?".
Olivia told me she wished she had a rubber book to go in the shower.  Book worm!
The baby gained two teeth and she lost two.
Little farmer boy:
Picking out chicks:
I took this little cutie out to breakfast this week for a mama-daughter date. 
This is my sister Leah's little one, Hugh, making a run for Grampy across the busy farmyard in bare feet and nothing but a diaper.  Loved it!
David and my Dad training Olivia's horse, Sam:
Grammy {David's mom} has been coming on Fridays and does art with the kids.  It is such a nice couple of hours for me to get things done or go help at church.  Last Friday it was listening to a podcast on raising boys while catching up on ironing and having a cup of tea... bliss!
Part of our healthy eating is cod liver oil.  Trying to get it down the two-year-old is proving to be the most challenging.  I have ended up with it in my face twice now.  Oiy!
This little chubber starting eating solids a few weeks back.  Don't be jealous of our kitchen floors.  They are both vintage and distressed.
Fun times ahead! 

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