Friday, February 18, 2011

Mornin' from the farm and happy be-lated Valentine's Day!  Did you have a good one?  It almost came and went this year without us noticing, but we got the kitchen/house cleaned up just-in-time.  I made Sarah's Wedding Soup for dinner, appropriate for the holiday of love; it is excellent!  I will make it again very soon. 
Oh, and chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream.  The kids thought they died and went to heaven. 

We gave the little nuts slinkys (from Target).  YES, to classic toys!
Here's another classic toy they were playing with this week (a Christmas present from David's parents). 
So cool!

We weren't able to really whoop it up this Valentines, but there is always next year, and looking at pictures from last year (prior to 'the blog')...

I've been incorporating small doses of spring into our home decor in between potty-training.  Pray for me, friends!  Potty-training is for the birds.  I hear boys are slower?, so it may be a long road ahead.  I've been close to giving up and have realized (the hard way) that we have to be completely committed- there are no breaks.  Yes, even on Sundays at church, when it would be easier to put on a diaper with good intentions of taking him potty, it doesn't work and we've gone backwards since doing that.:(  Big sigh. 
It truly is about potty-training me and making sure I take him to the bathroom often and don't get distracted, but even with that, there are still accidents!

Instead of buying diapers this month, we got to buy him cowboy boots and hat, although, now, I'm not certain there has been a savings with all the extra laundry?  He, He
Still, he is pretty cute running around pant-less. .
One of my little reminders that spring is coming:
~canister painted heirloom white~
If you were to come over, you would most likely choke on paint fumes (OK, not really).  My mom mentioned something about daydreaming about painting everything heirloom white, and I've been on the warpath ever since. 

We're also getting in the mood for spring with our seed starter kits (the nuts sewed tomato, basil and impatient seeds). 

Before I go, here is a peek at a project I've been working on.  I started it during the Super Bowl and I'm just now getting it done.  Progress is slow these days!:)  I'll let you know how it turns out.
God Bless & Happy Friday!


  1. Rach, I'll be praying for quick potty training success! :) He sure does look cute in his boots and hat! Can't wait to see the finished project, too.

  2. We are potty training over here too! Not always fun or easy but will be worth it. Mo was ready and I had to dive in 100%. It really is about training us to be consistant :o)


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