Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Is...

We're gettin' our pumpkin groove on and celebrating the new season.  We don't celebrate Halloween, but Harvest has always held great meaning for us.  There is much to celebrate!  Fall means lots of  tractor/field work, the first frost, the familiar smell of burn piles, roar of a crowd at a football game, geese overhead, firewood, fresh applesauce cooking on the stove, and spectacular autumn colors.

Care to see a few fall pictures? 
A pumpkin cake!  Adapted from these favorite pumpkin bars.
 It was hard to get into decorating for fall with our homeschool tray in the center of the table, so I consolidated our supplies into a smaller tray and moved it- much better!
 I painted a few pumpkins and squash {white, gold, bronze} to create some holiday cheer. :)  I was inspired by my sister's fabulous pumpkins!  The little nuts and I collected the acorns after a visit to the library.  It felt a little foolish picking things up off the ground in a parking lot, but they needed to be rescued.
 Another gold pumpkin and some branches from our yard for the buffet.
 I'm always a sucker for mums in a pumpkin.  So pretty and easy!
I switched out the pictures in our frames to display their leaf artwork.
I still need to do something with these fun pumpkin molds that belonged to David's Grandma. 
 AND, in the event, you are missing these chubby cheeks, here are a few snapshots...


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