Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three Years Old- Cowboy Birthday!

Disclaimer: lots and lots of photos, so beware {thank you, Mom and Elisa for the party pictures!)
Life is going by and the kids are changing and growing faster than I can keep up.  I think since my last post, Olivia started reading, Jules started walking, and Peyton turned three.  Just to set the record straight, it is Peyton not Payton {family members, including a certain Grandpa at his party, spell it wrong, so better set that straight}.  It is an easy mistake as his nickname is "Paytay", but just don't let it happen again.  Ha, ha! 
Olivia reading...
Home schooling is going really well!  Of course, we have rough days, but for the most part, we just have a lot of fun and I'm amazed at all we're learning.  I am in love with our curriculum: the pace, creativity, content is perfect! 
 They get to earn "prizes" after acquiring 10 stamps for good work, and they both earned one this particular morning. 
 Julia talking on the phone.  She is a talking and walking machine- such a determined, sweet little girl!
 Peyton posing on his birthday with his first toy gun.  He is so proud!

Big sister wanted her picture taken, too.
 Shortly after Olivia's birthday I e-mailed my sis-in-law, Amy, to ask her how hard it would be to create a brown and white chevron pattern on the computer for Peyton's party {I know, way early, but you have to strike when the inspiration hits}.  So, rather than let me waste precious time trying to figure it out myself, she sent the pattern over to me in no time.  What a lifesaver!  Thank you, Amy!
The brown and white chevron pattern, and all things cowboy was the theme for his party.
 I made gift bags with the leftover burlap from my school bulletin board project.  They were fun.  I am really in love with burlap right now!
In each bag, I put a bag of "cowboy trail mix", a few pieces of candy, bandanna, and chocolate milk straws.
 I painted a chevron drop cloth to use as a tablecloth.  Thank you to my sister for taping the pattern!

I received these cupcake liners and toppers a few weeks ago as a surprise gift from dear, sweet, Angie, and had to put them to quick use.  They are so up Peyton and my alley.  Aren't they the cutest?
Chocolate filled cupcakes with carmel and chocolate frosting... yum!

Our little cowhand!  We are so, so proud of him and marvel at the things he says and does and the boy he is becoming.  He is thoughtful, kind, tough, loving, sensitive, and smart. 
We love you, baby boy!


We borrowed the neighbor's miniature horse and gave rides with both him and Jock.  It was a hit.

More fun...

Peyton practiced this stance the whole week before his party; he was so excited and ready.

The gang

Howdy, Cuz!
My "twin" brother, Daniel, also had a birthday over the weekend.  The big 30! 
Happy Birthday, Daniel {wait, that means I'll be turning that old in 7 months... yikes}!

We just kept on partying that night after everyone left and the next morning.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself and ask "are these really my kids, is this really my life?".  Daddy and Peyton were playing football, Olivia was still playing with the rocking horses from the party, and Jules was walking down the hall, following me as I vacuumed up straw from the party.  Our baby walking?! 
I am blessed!


  1. Loved the whole post and all the pics!! Your party was fabulous, Justice is turning 4 and Addison is turning 1 in 4 months I gotta throw a great party (ugg better start soon!)

  2. We adore anything at your house. You guys know how to have fun! I LOVE your school bulletin board. I was admiring it that night while feeding the babies. I want it when it goes in our next garage sale... hee.. hee!

  3. Pretty much the best party ever!!!!