Sunday, November 27, 2011

Party Bright

This might get a little old trying to document each and every birthday our little nuts have, but I promise you this: it will be the last birthday party I share about this year! :)  Phew! 
I am glad that I work on things  s l o w l y  over time, 'cause the birthday girl and I got sick the week of her party {actually came down with it on her birthday :( }, so we I was barely recovered in time to party.  My sweet sister actually took over for me to help baby girl open her presents half way through so I could go to the bathroom and cough uncontrollably. :)  Sheesh.

I think the first birthday party is really special.  It is as much a celebration for the baby as it is the Mama.  Don't you think?  We are celebrating all the major milestones of the first year {learning to sleep, eat, sit, crawl, walk, talk, etc.}, as well as being done breastfeeding, getting back to pre-pregnancy weight {yeah, it takes me that long 'cuz you have to keep producing milk!}, and much more. 
I'm not quite sure how I came up with the theme for her party, but it is the only idea that came to mind, and I just went with it.

So, we had stars {not sure what they have to do with "This Little Light of Mine"}, and "This Little Light of Mine".
It is her favorite song, so we sang it the way Nana sings it in children's church.  She loved it!

"Star luminaries" as the party was at night, in the winter, in Oregon.  They were fun to make, albeit time consuming.  I found the colored bags at Tarjay. 

Star "Let your light Shine" commissions for her guests to take home {they included taking cookies to your neighbor, writing a letter of encouragement, visiting an elderly loved one, taking food to a pantry, etc.}

Pictures of Daddy and Mama at our first birthdays.  I was going to have people vote to see who she looks like, but I chickened out {saw the idea on Baby Center by Young House Love}.  You can vote in the comments instead- she definitely doesn't have my hair color. :)
Also, an album of the first year of her life {I like to put out their albums for their first birthdays}. 

I decided to go "light" on the food since we were just coming off Thanksgiving, but I may have gone too light.  Yikes.  We have a large family, and a lot of hungry men, so note to self!  We had bacon wrapped potatoes, mini quiches, salads, fruit trifle, but I was most excited about making fruit pizza for the first time.  We have a large, old kiwi plant in the yard, so I have been planning for months to utilize them for fruit pizzas for her party, only to realize too late, that you have to let them ripen after you pick them for some time! 

I am getting my use out of these frames.  Pictures of the first year.

This centerpiece was fun.  A coffee can, twigs, glue gun, and spray paint are all that is required.

The family all remarked at what an incredible job she did, and she was a total ham.  No meltdowns, just smiles and very interested in everything that was going on.  Sweet baby!  Happy, Happy Birthday! 
Praise God for a wonderful first year and for many more to come!
P.S. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!  We were so blessed with yummy food, the best family, and sweet togetherness!  Thank you, Mama, for hosting, and for your invaluable help last week with the little nuts while I was sick!  You are truly a lifesaver!

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  1. Yay! Yay! Yay! Thank you for sharing these pictures! I am sad we missed it. Love all the cute ideas: the song, commission for the guests, the luminary! So much fun!