Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Show and Tell

Lately, I really lack the ability to create a theme or some sort of a flow for a post {questionable if I ever did}, so we'll just call this "show and tell".  No organization necessary. 

I have yet to join Pinterest.  I move slow when it comes to technology.  Hmm... could Pinterest help me get more organized? :)  I have browsed some boards and what an explosion of ideas.  I saw some note cards and tried to recreate them. 
My novice sewing skills {don't look too closely}... 

 My machine does have some cool stiches.

I definitely want to play around with them some more.   

I don't know what made me think to post this, but I was feeling very grateful for my kitchen this last week and don't recall posting "after" pictures from when David took down the fluorescent lighting.  What a difference it has made.  Here is the kitchen when we first moved in {found the booze on the counter while cleaning out, it isn't ours, truly! :) }
The kitchen now
I know most would say it is still a very outdated, unattractive kitchen, and I agree, but it is pretty much paradise to me after living under the yellow light.

It is so much more open and bright now.  Gotta love can lights and my super-amazing husband!
I also wanted to share a few quick projects. 
Here is the wall above my desk "before" with some of my favorite pictures.
I have been accumulating artwork {things I've had, hand-me-downs, GW finds, etc.} to expand the pictures above my desk.  I think I have mentioned we have limited places to hang things, so I wanted to take advantage of the big wall to display more pictures.  This is how I tackle this kind of project.  No measuring.  I lay everything out on the floor and keep moving them around until it feels balanced and the way I want it.  I usually take a picture to refer to as I start moving the pictures.
And here it is now.  I really like it!
I kept the original artwork where it was and just added the other pictures in.
This picture is called, A Perfect Day and I absolutely love it.  O said it reminds her of fall. :)
G.W. find
{P.S. the cool plant is my favorite: cypress!  I found them at Winco and these are even lemon scented.  Isn't the color beautiful?}
David's Grandma embroidered this and I feel so honored to have it.  I think they are chickadees, which is even more special as she loved them and we adore watching them.
Pressed flowers from my incredible Aunt Holly.
I also got a "new" hand-me-down desk and lamp a while back... thanks, sis!
I used the same method for creating a "plate wall" for a friend.  I'm sure there are better ways to do this, but gotta go with what you know.
I made some frame magnets for the fridge...  my sister's genius.  LOVE!
You could do so many fun things with them.
These are just pretty, so I am including them.

Apple cider 2011
And, best for last, my little nuts.  Little brother and sister were both crying at the lunch table one afternoon last week, so Olivia went out to the garage and came back wearing these.  We laughed so hard.  What a nut!

SweetP helping me in the kitchen "crush" candy cane for beloved biscotti. 
Such a good job for my little man.
We now have a jar ready for sprinkling.  Hey, it is November.  I really want to decorate for Christmas.:)  We started listening to Christmas music in September while Daddy was hunting and haven't gone back.  O is dying to bring up a nativity.  Peppermint mocha creamer?  Check.  Eggnog?  Check.  End this?  Check.


  1. Just wanted to leave some affirmation and, again, say how much I LOVE your posts. Love all your creative ideas. Love the post cards, such a cute idea. And mostly, love love love the pics of the little nuts!

  2. Ok...really need the recipe for that delicious looking Biscotti!! YUM!!! Love seeing pictures of your precious family!!

    God bless, Pamela

  3. Pinterest will help you organize, if your not sucked into its addictiveness! I love your picture wall, and I have a aunt Holly that also presses flowers too!