Monday, July 23, 2012

6 years celebrated!

Our oldest, sweet girl turned six-years-old!  How I love this little nut!  She is an absolute horse fanatic and is growing so confident and mature.  Last year she wanted to wear dresses everyday, this year she begs to wear her wranglers, belt, tucked in snap shirt, boots, and cowboy hat everyday.  I keep telling her it is a little overkill for 80 degree weather.  Love her!
She requested strawberry waffles for her birthday breakfast again this year.  Picture via instagrid
I'm not gonna lie, celebrating her birthday ended up a little interesting.  I will spare you the details, but I ended up going to the urgent care the morning of her party for two issues, the biggest of which was for major eye pain/irritation due to a piece of silicon in my eye.  I didn't know what the problem was at the time and the doctor's prescription of antibiotic cream for my eye provided no relief.  It wasn't until seven days of the problem persisting, that I got smart and went to the opthamologist.  He diagnosed and fixed my eye in a matter of minutes.  Eek!  Don't mess around with your eyes! 
So, before seeing the sweet pictures of her party, that were mostly captured by mom {thanks, Mama!}, I thought the party must have been mostly a failure. I felt miserable, could hardly open my eye, wasn't very organized, and barely pulled it together, but the best news is she had a blast and enjoyed her favorite things {playing horses with her friends and riding horses}.  Success.
Oh, and we have the best family and friends!
party favors
I made these ice cream sandwiches for dessert and they were good!
Happy Birthday, Olivia Marie!
P.S. The next update I hope to post is the kid's bedrooms.  Here is a peek at the girls' room via.


  1. You can pull off an awesome party minutes after walking out of urgent care with stuff in your eye! Happy Birthday O!

  2. It looks like a lovely party! So many smiles on everyone's faces. What a beauitiful girl Olivia is... Happy 6th Birthday!