Our Week- Enjoying the Sunshine

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The sun was shining this week and we took advantage of every opportunity we could to get outside!

We fed the horses on Monday...

We came home on Tuesday (after our Moms and Tots group at church) and found more seashells in the yard! Thank you Nana!

Brenda shared at the group about parenting the heart vs. behavior (awesome word and scriptures) and I shared a quick devotional. I was so thankful to make it through without feeling sick!

Peyton even got in on the hunt this time!

We worked outside for most of the afternoon on Wednesday and Peyton got tangled up in a rose bush! Ouch! Olivia was so upset to see him bleeding that she started crying harder than he was!
He also found at least two mud puddles this week and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Finally, we met Leah and sweet baby girl for a quick lunch at the park. Olivia has been asking me for weeks to go, but the weather has been too icky. They all had a blast.

She told me on her list of things to do is: 1. go to the playground 2. visit the fire station 3. go to California. In that order. She is a crack up. One down! She also said this week, "I saw ____ and they weren't broken apart" (referring to a friend that I told her broke up with his girlfriend). I love how the child mind interprets and understands things!
She helped me bake gingersnaps; I heard they might help with morning sickness? If nothing else, they tasted yummy!

Oh, and here is my other garage sale purchase, K! It covers up the back of the fireplace just perfectly. I had planned on painting it, but it blends in pretty well with the fireplace, so we'll keep it like this for now. I clipped boxwood for the vases and it is holding up well. We hope you were able to enjoy some sunshine too!


  1. What a good Mama even with not feeling well, you still make your kids a priority! Love you!

  2. You did more last week than me and I am not sick or pregnant! I don't even want to read a week when your feeling top notch! Ha! Ha!
    Love the garage sale find! It is perfect for that spot. Hope you have a great week!
    Luv ya!


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