Dining Room: Before & After

Friday, April 30, 2010

We moved into our home (a 1950s ranch that has been a rental for 10 years) last November and have enjoyed cleaning, fixing things up, and decorating these past 4 months. Here is our dining room transformation...


The table belonged to my great grandpa and was given to us by my Uncle Ladd when we first got married. My great grandpa picked it up off a curb. David and I (mostly David) spent many hours working on it when we were engaged and he essentially rebuilt it to make it sturdy and even made leaves for it! He is thee best! We've looked for a new table, but it is staying for now (it will most likely be a game table for the basement when/if we find another one). Here we are hard at work- we took our work seriously!:)

I found the dresser at Salvation Army and my sister did an amazing job painting it for me! I love, love, love it! Thank you Leah!

The chairs were a GW find and I was so excited to find 6 chairs and all in good condition. They were a honey wood color and I painted them white.

My plate wall is one of my favorite things in my home. I have plates displayed that belonged to my great grandma, grandmother, mother, and David's grandma. There are a few antique finds and an Anthropologie plate too.

I love my Target pillows! The chairs came from a antique shop called "Rachel's" that was going out of business.

I found the mirror at an antique shop as well and I'm so glad I got it! It is truly unique and beautiful. It is super heavy so it is a nightmare to hang, but it is safe and secure now!:)

Lastly, my brother-in-law spotted our incredible chandelier at the beach a few weeks back (I have been looking for one) and it is so perfect! I love it with the mirror!

So, there it is... our new home slowly becoming our home!:)


  1. I absolutley LOVE it! Your house is definetly turning out to be one of my favorite places! Love you Rachel! You are so talented!

  2. Yeah! I love the chandelier. I am so glad you got one! You have gorgeous style. Do I see a new rug in the living room too??

  3. So beautiful!! And I LOVE the pillow from target! You find the cutest pillows there!

  4. It was loaned to you by your Uncle Ladd...remember, it comes back to me before it ever goes anywhere else ... it was my granddad's (and I did the first refinish .. gross burns etc.); so glad someone in the family is still enjoying it. I can see his smile now. : )


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