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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Olivia & Pear Print: My "twin" brother helped me make a frame for this and then we stretched the fabric over it. Thank you Daniel! I had the pear print. The wood cost about $1.26 to make the frame and Home Depot cut the pieces for me!:) Easy!

Peyton and his Bird Mobile: I found a pattern online for the birds and made the mobile with branches from the yard. He often asks to hold them.:)

Boys with their trucks and tractors!


  1. Love these, such adorable kiddos! I love how Peyton is pointing, like he is showing off his mobile. And I have always had a fondness for your pear print. This little post made my day!

  2. :) I agree with Elisa.. and... I'm liking discovering all the talents your "twin" brother has... ;)... good to know... :)

  3. Love how the pear print turned out. The pillows you got from Marshalls are lovely with ruffles. So cozy. Love you!

  4. Thank you girls!! Meme- I'm convinced your man, my brother can do anything!:)


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