Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodwill, How I Love Thee

We call Goodwill the "G. W." (W pronounced Dub) and it is one of our favorite spots to go treasure hunting. My family from Washington actually saves up for when they come down to Oregon just to go to our G.W. (apparently they aren't as good in Washington). We usually spend half of a day going to the different locations.
Check out the vases I found on a quick in and out trip.Do you have luck shopping at the G.W.? If not, here are some helpful things to know before shopping:

1. Go with someone- I promise you will laugh more and find more treasures if you can bring someone along. My mom and sister are two of the best people to invite.
2. Know what you are looking for- it always helps to have a goal in mind, but be warned that you'll most likely walk away with a few "unexpected items". Also, you may have to pop in often to find that treasure you are looking for. Be patient.
3. Never, ever let your children try on the dirty wigs they put out around Halloween even if they do look pretty darn funny.

4. Bring Hand Sanitizer. Enough said.
5. Determine which locations are best, they are not all created equal.
6. If you can't determine what something is, you might want to leave it on the shelf.
7. Use your imagination and think outside the box (I believe this rule negates the rule above).
8. Know which sections you like. If you are my mom, you make a beeline to women's jackets and children's clothing.
9. Get a Goodwill Card. You accrue points and you get discounts.
10. If you find a piece of furniture that seems a bit spendy, ask for a manager and they may give you a discount if it has been on the floor for a while. Begging never hurts either.
Happy Shopping! :):)


  1. Great Great Great tips! You write so well Rach, love reading your posts! Want to go to the G.W. today? Love you.

  2. Thank you, I have never had much success at GW but feel motivated and feel like I have a strategy now! Which GW's are your fav?

  3. Yeah! The Forest Grove location and the one on 10th in Hillsboro are winners! I'm sure there are many other good ones, but I don't venture much farther east than that!:)

  4. I also love Goodwill! Been raised on it...haha. Much of my books (especially kids books!) furniture, clothing, decor, and even dishes have come from there. But like you say, you may not find exactly what you're looking for right away...something else usually comes home instead. I do enjoy the search, though!